"In Training" Shirts

There is that time when you are getting ready for your next show... when you want everyone to know what you are getting ready for, what you are packing & hauling your meals around for, why  your not going to happy hour, why your living at the gym, you want everyone to know that you are training for something special!

Now with these Shirts

  • Texas Shredder Classic "In Training" 
  • Texas State Naturals "In Training"

Everyone knows what your focused on, what your goal is, why your so determined, why you train so hard and why you eat clean , you live the Shredderbuilt life and it shows! 


Shredderbuilt Fit Gear's goal is to bring performance, innovation and inspiration to athletes around the world who want to live the Shredderbuilt life! In the core of a true Shredderbuilt athlete you'll always find strength and a positive attitude! Train Hard and Eat Clean!