The warm up suits that the Shredderbuilt team worn at Team Universe in New Jersey in July 2013 is now available to bring luck to competitors anywhere at any competition.  Well... of course it doesn't say Team Universe on it but it is the same warm up suit with the Shredderbuilt Logo proudly Screen printed across the back and embroidered on the left front chest and upper leg . These are great warm ups that are polyester blends that won't wick off the spay tans.

If you had something special you wanted embroidered on yours for a small team or your gym for the Shredder or the Naturals. Please email  that in advance of your order and we can make special arrangements for that to be done for you.  Its all about team work and keeping a positive attitude! 

Train Hard and Eat Clean!

Written by Diana Hurley — July 16, 2013


Shredderbuilt Fit Gear's goal is to bring performance, innovation and inspiration to athletes around the world who want to live the Shredderbuilt life! In the core of a true Shredderbuilt athlete you'll always find strength and a positive attitude! Train Hard and Eat Clean!